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Alec_Wills has earned 6 badges!
  • Welcome!
    ‎Jun 08, 2023
    Earned by 16,165
    We’re so glad you’re here!
  • Welcome Back
    Welcome Back
    ‎Jun 18, 2023
    Earned by 6,739
    Welcome back! Nice to see you again :)
  • First Kudo Received
    First Kudo Received
    ‎Jun 18, 2023
    Earned by 4,721
    You just got your first kudo from another member! Hope you're feeling the love.
  • First Topic
    First Topic
    ‎Jun 08, 2023
    Earned by 5,563
    Congrats, you created your first thread. Way to get the conversation going!
  • First Reply
    First Reply
    ‎Jun 08, 2023
    Earned by 5,873
    Congrats on posting your first reply! Thanks for engaging with your community.
  • First Kudo Given
    First Kudo Given
    ‎Oct 22, 2023
    Earned by 6,394
    You just gave your first kudo. Keep spreading that positivity!