50 000 records limit on Pro Plan. Will need about 65 000 records in one base at the end (For personal reference system)

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi everyone. I need your help please! (My first attempt in Airtable Community)
Small but annoying issue for me here:

Being on Pro Plan (50 000 records limit)/ Needing about 65 000 records within one base for “personal reference system”.

Option 1: I could try and contact Airtable sales for “business” needs but am on a personal level, and once I get to my 65 000 records, it won’t grow much afterwards;
PS: These 65 000 records are all interconnected conceptually wise and “must” stick together, so for now, I can’t see how I could split in two these records in two bases.

Am not giving you lots of space for helping me (Lolll) but does anyone have any advice?

Thanks in advance!
Montréal Canada

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It sounds like if you want to stick with Airtable, you understand your options:

  • upgrade to enterprise
  • hope that since the 50,000 limit is a “soft limit” that you can get away with having 65,000 records in a single base for as long as you need it.
  • redesign your base to get under the 50,000 record limit

You say that all of your records need to “stick together” but without more info about your data, it is impossible to say if your data can be rearranged into fewer records.

Sometimes people reduce record counts by “flattening” linked records. For example, store data that would be in linked records in a series of fields in the parent record. Or, store child data in a single long text field and manage access with code.

This also assumes that you have already deleted any empty records, consolidated any duplicates, and cannot eliminate any junction tables.


A lot of interesting and possible answers kuovonne you are giving me. And the most interesting is within your example of flattening linked records. That being said, I am not sure I follow completely this idea of “linked records in a series of fields in the parent record” or “store data in a single long text field and manage access with code”. By any chance if you could elaborate just a little bit more, that would be very appreciated. And by the way I have tried to flatten by copying pasting an “amount” of records within one long text field, and tried a search afterwords, just to realize that when Airtable search finds the word I am looking for, it will highlight ALL of that long text field instead of highlighting only the word I am looking for. It becomes hard then to try and find “manually” the word within the long text field.
Thanks and hope I make some sense here.