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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I am looking for a view where the users can only see the modified status but unable to edit it.

i have a scenario reserving a seat for an event.

if two agents reserves a same seat at the same time, we cannot tell under whose name it will show as in the view it is filtered to hide reserved seats. 

can we get a view where they can see the finalised reservations and cannot edit anything in that view

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Not quite sure what your setup is here. Agents reserve seats (from a list?) via a form? In which view do you filter reserved seats? When is a seat reserved?

A shared view (not Interface) is always read only. 

Suppose i have 4 columns 

Seat NumberStatusLast modified byLast modified at
ablockAgent13:30 PM

     we have 3 status 1) available, 2) blocked, 3) Reserved

Here if agent 1 changed the status to block and enters the curstomer details but agent b is also eligible to change status to available and block again. We want to restrict that modification by second user. 

I don't think you can. You have field permissions, but they're not dynamical.