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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I would love to have Airtable help me to map out the prerequisites for an academic program but I'm having a little bit of trouble. Imagine a list of courses - some are required for the program, some are electives, etc... Many of these courses have prerequisites. For example, before you take course F, you have to have already taken course B.

If it were that simple, I'd be able to use the flow chart extension to map everything. Unfortunately, it gets a little complicated when prerequisites include multiple courses and even "this OR that" cases. For example, "before you take course F, you must have taken both course A AND course B OR you must have taken course C". 

I tried to use different fields for each case with an "or". For example:

Multiple Linked Field 1 includes "Course A" and "Course B" records.
Multiple Linked Field 2 includes "Course C" record. 

This would indicate that you must take Course A AND B OR Course C. 

The problem I'm having is getting Airtable to map this out visually. 

Any suggestions?

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