Additional spaces in a cell are removed automatically

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4 - Data Explorer

I need to enter a record with additional spaces in a text string of a column (single line text) . Whenever I add the text string ‘a b’, the system sets the text string to ‘a b’. How can I prevent that spaces are being removed.



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Welcome to the community, @Jan_Dingemans1!

Wow, that’s a very interesting bug you’ve discovered there! Welcome to the Wild West of using Airtable! :crazy_face: :cowboy_hat_face:

Any preceding & trailing spaces in a text field are actually still there within the field itself, but they are no longer visually presented to you as soon as you exit the field.

When you go back into the field, the spaces return. But when you leave the field, all the leading & trailing spaces disappear.

Same thing with a formula field.

I can see how this could be extremely problematic for people, especially if they’re trying to maintain visual integrity & consistency of data.

I would report this bug to and refer them to this thread. And please report back here with what they tell you!

I can confirm that on the Mac, this bug affects:

  • Safari web browser
  • Chrome web browser
  • Airtable app for macOS

However, surprisingly, this bug does not affect the iOS mobile app! So this works as expected in the mobile app!