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Associate record

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I community,

I need your help.

Actually i sell subscription plant.
The customer choose 3 or 6 month.
I create an automation on Airtable which duplicate the record (by month choose by the customer) and the automation associate product to delivery :

for example : order 201821222
The customer choose 3 month, the automation duplicate :
M1- 201821222
M2 - 201821222
M3 - 201821222
On these records, i have a column with the plants we have to send.

My needs : i want to display on interface the plant send on the previous month.
My employee could choose the plant depending on what has already been sent.
So, how can i associate these records and display the history ?

Thank’s for your help,


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Do you have only a single table, or do you have two linked tables: one for [customers] and another for [plant deliveries]? I recommend a two table system, and then you can use rollups to pass around info between the two tables.