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I am working on an audition list for my band students. I have multiple fields that I am giving students a “score” for and would like to give them a rank based on how they scored on multiple fields. I am struggling because some scores are based on 100, with 100 being the best, and some are just a total of things completed (ie. student attended 3 extra meetings).

I would like a way to rank students automatically as I enter new scores for audition material. I can get a new average automatically, that’s not a problem. However, I can’t seem to figure out how to get an automatic ranking of students.

This is especially problematic as I will be ranking students that play different instruments separately. (there will be a rank of 1 for Flute and Clarinet, not just a top rank total.) Though a ranking of the entire group that updates automatically would be better than no ranking at all.

Any ideas?

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Hi @Elaine_Johnson - definitely ways you can do this. Here’s one idea:

Screenshot 2020-05-07 at 16.04.12

I think the thing you also need is the relative weighting of the different criteria. So, for example, I might score 80/100 for criteria 1 and 80/100 for criteria 2, but criteria 1 is a lot more important to my overall ranking than criteria 2, so should have more influence on the final ranking score.

My total score column is a formula field:

({Criteria 1} * 1) + ({Criteria 2} * 0.5) + ({Criteria 3} * 0.75) + (IF({Attended Meetings}, 100, 0) * 0.1)

So, here, I’m saying that criteria 1 is really important, so have weighting of 1, criteria 2 not so important and has weighting of 0.5 and so on. For the attended meetings field, which is presumably binary - either it did or did not happen - the possible scores are simply 100/100 or 0/100, but, in my example, this isn’t so important to the overall total, so it has a weight of 0.1.

Just an example, lots of ways you could approach this. Hope this gives you food for thought.

For ranking by instrument, you could group the table by the instrument field, then sort by the total score and you should get the result you need.


4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

That will work perfectly! Thanks so much!