Auto removing a linked record when the record is removed from a view in the linked table?

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4 - Data Explorer

Currently we have a tasks table with Currently Pending Tasks view and a view for Previously Completed tasks. These tasks are linked under a record in another table, but we only need the Currently Pending tasks to appear in the linked column. After the tasks are flipped to Completed, they are removed from the Currently Pending view and pop up in the Previously Completed View. Does anyone know how to get these tasks to auto remove after they’ve been removed from the Currently Pending view?

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Welcome to the community, @Courtney_Smith!

It sounds like you don’t need to delete any records, but you just want to clear out your “linked record” field after the task changes its status.

That would be possible with Airtable’s automations feature.

Set your trigger however you would like. Then, for your “update record” action, add your “linked record” field — but leave the field completely blank. That will clear out the field.