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Hi there

We use FreshDesk for our support requests. When a support request is closed the FreshDesk ID is put into an AirTable base that has all our customers and their organisations and their purchases, so that we are able to see their full history when we have contact with them.

I want to be able to close a ticket in FreshDesk and trigger via Zapier the creation of a new record in the contact and sales AirTable base.

The contact and sales AirTable base has three tables related to contacts: Contacts, Organisation (there are sometimes more than one contact for an organisation) and Contact Interaction (where dated interactions are kept for Contacts).

I want to be able to link each close FreshDesk Ticket ID with the appropriate contact, either creating a new contact and then a new interaction for that contact, or creating a new interaction if that contact already exists.

I’m not sure how to do this. I’ve been working with views, thinking I could build a zap that writes anything new in a view to another table, but I’m not sure how to automatically link the contact e.g. if a new record gets created in the interaction table, is it possible for the name that comes over from the FreshDesk table to be compared, or looked up on the Contacts table and automatically link?

I’ve tried this in the past and I’ve never been able to work it out. I have another base where I use the csv import block to load the data, but I have to manually link each record to another table. I’d like the link to be created automatically - the field with “organisation” is read and links to the record in the organisation table that has the same name.

Am I being clear? Please let me know if my terminology is wrong. I’ve got some very good things automated in AirTable but every so often I just come to something I can’t work out and end up doing manually - linking new records from outside sources to existing records is one of them.

Many thanks


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Hi @Deborah_Bensted,

Yes, you can do that. The trick would be to use the Find Record in Zapier to check if you have the contact in the contact table, if not available then it creates it there. Then after doing this step, you can continue with the zapier to create the record in the transactions table.

I have done similar things to clients before (using Paperform and Airtable), if you need more help please feel free to contact me on


Thanks for the Mo. I will try and do it myself in the first instance. I appreciate your guidance. I’ve found the triggers etc in the zap so just have to work the next bit out.