Base Setup for Nonprofit with Multiple Chapters Across the Country

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Happy New Year,

I am brainstorming how to setup a national nonprofit with several locations around the country.  The national headquarters will need 10-15 chapters to report data such as client enrollment, services, and program indicators met on a monthly bases.

Option 1:  Setup a base for each chapter (Decentralized) and then create interfaces for a person at HQ to pull reports.

Option 2: Setup one HQ base (Centralized) and then several tables for each chapter for data reporting.  Admins at each chapter will have update permission for their tables in the base.

Option 3:  Setup HQ base and then automate process that will import excel or csv files from local chapters into HQ base for tracking/reporting.

If anyone has experience in this area , I would greatly appreciate any feedback as to which process could provide the least friction.  Also if there is a better option, please feel free to make a recommendation.

Thanks a million!

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