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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Inherited this position.  Not getting much help from my predecessors.   I learn best If I can talk to you share my screen et.  al I am willing to compensate  My issue will be trite to you I am sure.

Some of my questions:

my predecessors created new tabs. How did she move the names to them from the main data base? 

We have a  column set up that when you type in the category the name moves to the designated section. I did it and it created a new section?

I get multiple notifications of a new prospect. Where is the notifications or is that a google thing? 


pretty essay stuff, but if you have no clue not so easy



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Hey Rodney, I'd be happy to help with this.  I do free half hour calls and here's a Calendly to pick a time that works best for you

I'd normally try to answer your questions as well but I'm not fully understanding them I'm afraid; as you said, a screen share will probably be super helpful

Best of luck either way!