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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I just found airtable and it is great, it took me about 6 days but I was finally able to get all my 670 records or so imported and in the right order that works for me to work.

How can I make a form where someone can fill out a new address and it link to add a new record?

How can I make my invoice numbers automatically go into sequential order when I have imported all my old ones? Say I am at 1750 now and I want it to show 1751 automatically when I add a new record.

I am in the transportation industry so everything we do is based off a different bill of lading for hundreds of companies, so my base table is expansive and I think maybe too much.

Thanks in advance!

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hey @L4_Carriers,

A form can be created by opening the “Views” section on the left of any table, and in the very bottom left of the Views you’ll see “Create…” with “Form” as an option. By default the form will include all fields, but you can remove the ones you don’t need. Then the “Open form” and “Share Form” buttons will show you options for sharing the form to people outside of Airtable.

For sequential order of invoices, you could add a field with type “Autonumber”, which will simply start at 1 and count up. You could then Sort the table by this field. Other options though are to create a “Date” field and sort by that, or even a “Created Time” field which is similar but the time is selected automatically and can’t be changed.

It sounds like another useful step would be to create a “Companies” table, and use a Linked Field to link it to specific invoices. This way you could do things in the future like a Rollup field which tells you the total amount of all invoices for an individual company.

Hope that helps.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I tried the Autonumber but like you said it started at #1 and there was no way to change it to run in order of say I am at #1750 now.

We are sorting by date created field as this is for sure the easiest for our needs.

On the form, we have set it up similar, but I noticed that unless I do a long or single line text it will not allow me to out in the correct information of where it is picking up or going to.

Also, for say the company we are doing the driving for, I have made a dropdown list of them all, but then when we get a new one I have to put say “new broker” to make the form submit, then I have to amend it after it adds the new record, is there anyway to change those?