Concern about Potentially Duplicated Record IDs and Record Limitations

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello guys,

My main concern is whether, after deleting a record in Airtable, its Record ID will be reused for any newly-created records in the future. Is there a possibility of encountering duplicate Record IDs?

Additionally, since there is a limitation on the number of records Airtable can handle, I'm worried about reaching this limit and whether it might cause issues in terms of potential Record ID replication.

I would greatly appreciate any help or clarification regarding these concerns.

Thank you all in advance for your assistance and support!

Best regards,

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I don’t think this is a concern. With 14 alphanumeric characters in the record ID, and a current limit of 100,000 records per table, there is no need to reuse a record ID due to record count limits.

Airtable hasn’t published how they generate record IDs or whether they check for uniqueness with deleted records, but I wouldn’t be worried. 

I suppose if you plan on creating and deleting hundreds of thousands of records every day, there might eventually be an issue. But if you are doing that, Airtable probably isn’t the right platform for that project.

If you need extra peace of mind regarding reuse of old record IDs, you could combine record IDs with record created time to ensure all IDs are unique including deleted ones. But this would probably be overkill.