Conditional linking of multiple tables

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello is it possible to link tables by few condtions?
My Example:
I have 4 tables:
Reporting period

I linked Budget and transaction each with both Reporting period and category
Now I would like to see summary of transactions against budget per month and category
currently both tables contains this two field but I dont really know how to actually link without creating another field and links is it possible at all? Its like I want to link tables based on condition from another link table

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

to be more clear:
I want to
add budget for each category and month combination
then add transactions with month and category
and at the end to see and monitor monthly results budget vs spend per category:)

Hi @Maciej_Alosat,

Im honestly a bit lost in your question but I will try to answer what I understand.

First, if you want to Link tables, then you have to Link them :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: This means you create a new field and link them accordingly.

HOWEVER, I think what you are looking for is Conditional Rollups. You can rollup the fields based on Conditions.


sorry I didn`t explain this to well so
I got tables with Categories(5 records) and Month(2 records) - for grouping
Next there is table with budgets and each category has budget in each month so 10 records here
and last there is transactions table and each transactions is mapped to category and month.

Now question i how to see sum of of transactions for each records(category month comibnation ) in Budget table?


You have to have linked fields then use rollups.

So you hve to link the tables together using Link to another record. What is the common item between the tables and what is the item you want to rollup by?

Make screenshots so I can understand it better