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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I am new to this so sorry if this is the wrong place to post.

I have tried to searched for it, but could not find it, so if anybody have a thread about it, please guide me in the right direction 🙂

We have just started using airtable for our small business, and have made a table for our orders. 

Is it possible to create a new table for a monthly summary of our orders? both for number of orders and for a total sum?
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Community Manager
Community Manager

This sounds a lot like the royalty payments example I posted last week.

Yeap, try:
1. Creating a new formula field to output the date of the order in the format "[MONTH] - [YEAR]", e.g. "JAN 2024".  You can use the formula DATETIME_FORMAT() to help with this
2. Create a new table called "Monthly Summaries"
3. In this new table, create a linked field to your "Orders" table
4. In your "Orders" table, click the field header for the formula field you created in step 1 and then hit CMD/CTRL+C to copy all the values
5. In your "Orders" table, click the field header for the linked field to the "Monthly Summaries" table and then hit CMD/CTRL+P to paste all the values
6. Now that the data is linked, head back to your "Monthly Summaries" table and add a "Count" field.  Now you can see the total number of orders for that month
7. In the "Monthly Summaries" table, create a rollup field and point it at the field in "Orders" that shows the order dollar amounts, and then use the formula "SUM(values)"

Should do what you need!  Let me know if you could use an example and I'll put something together