Create a table with all tasks with today's date

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Good afternoon

Still a newbie to Airtable so I appreciate the help.

I have a series of tables that have a "next follow up" column and I'd like to be able to create a table that would show only those with the due date of today.  In other words, it would only show all of my task for that day in the table but the records/tasks would come from multiple other tables within my base.  Hoping that makes sense.

Thank you!

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Hmm I would try syncing all your tables to a single table in another base, and then creating a filter to only display the tasks due today

I really appreciate your help.  After thinking about it I think I need to restructure my whole base and then use an interface to get me where I need to go.  Have a great week!