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Creating a subset master list of fields in different tables

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i have a few tables that have a basic structure that look something like this:

Student Table:
Full Name (PK) (Formula type created from First Name and Last Name)
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
School Name
Guardian Name
Agreement Document

Staff Table:
Full Name (PK) (Formula type created from First Name and Last Name)
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Employee Function

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Hi @OTF_Admin,

I think you forgot to ask the question :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Mohamed, not sure what happened to my question. Here goes again:

OTF Admin

Apr 5, 7:00 PM PDT

Hi Airtable,

We are rebuilding our database and have some questions. Below you will find a toy example of what we are aiming to achieve.

The first table is our MASTER table (called Master Mock 3). Here we have a number of fields, where the primary key is a unique ID (called ‘Master ID’). Any ID with an MXXXX, where X = a number, is a manually entered record. Any 18-digit numeric string is a submission directly imported from JotForms using the Airtable API.

The second table is our YOUTH table (called Youth Mock 3). The YOUTH table is a subset of records that are tagged as ‘Youth’ in the MASTER table under the “Tag” (but these records were uploaded manually, except for the last which was brought in by JotForms). The YOUTH and MASTER Tables are linked based on the “Master ID” Fields (MASTER:: MasterID, YOUTH:: Master ID copy).

HOWEVER, when a new record is imported through JotForms, the Master ID fields in the YOUTH and the MASTER tables are not linked. How do we go about doing this? We also noticed that Master ID must be a Single Line Text type or a Long text type for JotForms to import the ID.

Ideally we would NOT want a ‘Master ID copy’ field and instead we would like to link the Primary Key’s of the YOUTH table and the MASTER table. Can you please guide us?

Also, is there a way subset records into new tables based on a Multiple Select type (ie: “Tag” field in MASTER table)?

We are also VERY happy to hop on a Zoom call, if that can help us troubleshoot more efficiently.Master Mock 3 image Youth Mock 2 image2