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4 - Data Explorer

I am a complete newcomer to working with databases, and the idea of setting one up for my project is a bit scary. But here’s what I need to accomplish, as it’s intended for an app. So I guess:

Login details / identifier (I don’t know how that works as yet for Apple or Android)

So when someone has logged in, they should be able to create their own entries. Those entries are going to be split into sections. So I’ll use the example with random fields from different uses, as the functions are the most similar to my project.

So the details that will need to be added are (we’ll pretend this is a Washing Machine that’s sentient and has a birthday and gender. I know, it’s weird. Bear with me…):

DOB (Perhaps even working out age from DOB if that’s possible?)
Then a couple of simple yes/no questions

Option to go to sub-category - (an example would be entering details of a warranty, for example)

Type Of Product
Serial Number
Warranty From:
Warranty To: (Perhaps even turning red or creating a warning or push notification as you come up to, or pass the warranty expired date)
Additional Notes:

(this section may be repeated if there’s more than one warranty, like Manufacturer, Extended, and 3rd party)

Sub Category: Contacts:

Phone Number:


Sub Category: Emergency Contacts:

Phone Number

Plus some fixed details which are the same for every user.

User Journal (Entries dated and searchable)

They’re the basics for now, but I simply have no experience, but very willing to learn. I’m also very aware that getting the structure right to start off with is really really important, and I may need to expand details in the future as more features are required.

At some point I’d like to add location functionality to mark areas on a map with dates and details, for example.

And then, perhaps even make (with permission) users the option to share or transfer details of individual details as they need to (if they want to send details of this fictional warranty to a repairer, etc) Or even send all the details to someone if they buy

I’m not sure if it’s simple and I’m a bit dim in working it out, or it’s complex and I’m biting off more than I can chew…

I hope that all makes sense, there are no screenshots because I haven’t started it yet!

Any help and advice would be very much appreciated.

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi @Paul_Gill

There are a few things that pop up in mind that could be a challenge for the application you are working on.

First, how many users do you ultimately expect to use this app, or more importantly, how many users do you want Airtable to record info for? I ask this because this could be restricted due to the Airtable record limit.

Second, I imagine you will want an API to work with your app and I also imagine you just want to set the database up first, before you work with that? Am I correct there?


Hi @Chris_Williams1 thanks for your reply. :slightly_smiling_face:

I honestly don’t know how many users! I suppose like any app I will be wanting as many users as possible.

At the moment I’m using Figma to design the layout and flows of the app, and Bravo to convert to a working app.

At the moment I’ve got a basic Base in Airtable and I’m trying to link the two. I’ve got the API set up in Bravo, but they’re not quite talking to each other as yet…

I guess I’m trying to learn a lot all at once!