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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello, I work for a food pantry and we are looking to create a dynamic order form for our food items that change throughout the day, such as produce, bread, prepared food, and miscellaneous items. We don’t need to track the number of items, just whether or not we have them and can offer them. Ideally, there would be a form with checkboxes that the intake person can use to take the order and it would be organized by food type and printable on a single page. As items come and go we can show or hide them on the form. Any thoughts on whether AirTable is a good tool for this? I’m also open to getting some contract help with this!

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Airtable does have some challenges when it comes to both of the primary things that you’ve requested there, but it can be done. I am an expert Airtable consultant… feel free to contact me through my website at, and we can setup a time to chat more about your system, and how I can help you design this.