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4 - Data Explorer


I am completely new to Airtable and, tbh, to any form of database and analysis. I am working as a writer and coach.

One company I work for has some trouble with its organization. A few things go wrong in administration, and we are trying to track them to the best of my abilities.

Usually, it starts with an appointment (name of customer + date of his appointment). Then the contract has to be sent out, be signed, come back. A first payment has to be made. Some customers reschedule. We have to send out additional material after the appointment, plus an invoice, and that should be paid...

I am not sure what (exactly) to track, and how to analyze my data afterwards. (i.e. would it be better to just have "invoice" yes/no, or should I have the date it was sent...?)

Since we are not sure where problems could lie, I am not sure what to track.

On the other hand it seems that my objective is not a beginner's task (I want to track the customer's journey on one hand, and the appointment's on the other ... if customers reschedule, we try to fill there appointment, and that works sometimes, and sometimes it does not.)

Is there anybody here who can point me in a helpful direction? I am willing to learn, I just don't even know what words to search for 🙂

Thanks, jeeny

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

What you're wanting is not difficult at all, and only seems overwhelming because you're just starting out. I'd be happy to talk you through the concepts on a video conference. (After that, if you decide it's beyond your skill or time constraints I can also be hired to build it for you.)

Another possible option is to go through the templates at and see if there's one that gets you 90% of the way there. It'd be easy enough for us to adjust and make it fit your specific situation.