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Food costing calculator tutorial

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Hi I have been trying to update my recipes into the food costing calculator. so far have done the ingredients list - but i have hit a problem.
when i enter more than one recipe that has the same ingredient - eg an onion - it changes the ingredient amount in the ingredients list. that would be fine if i only used onion in one recipe - but it is in many recipes at different quantities.
maybe i have not set the ingredients list up correctly? or may be i need to be able to have the recipe card multiply a single unit of the ingredient eg 1 gram or ml so that it works?
any hints how to use this food calculator would be greatly appreciated.

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If you have “many-to-many” relationship it’s a rule of thumb that you need additional table to manage that relation. In this case it will be a “ingredients for Recipes” table where you’ll have a Recipe column, Ingredient column and Amount column. For more details (and ongoing discussion) you can look at the question below: Recipe cost calculation

thank you i will work on that angle thanks! finger crossed