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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all,

I’m running few food courts in parallel in our company.
Each is in a different location.

I want to create a process that will help me do the following:

  • Create a menu for each day of the week (maybe even more than 1 menu per day as we have few meals) including the amount available for each item in the menu
  • Allow users to order 1 item from the menu (per day, per meal)
  • Allow the kitchen manager to review the orders
  • Allow the kitchen worker to mark orders as delivered

Later I would want to create some dashboard stats & inventory management.

I would be happy to understand if there is a template that works best for me or how do I build this?

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Make a [Menus] table where each record has a date, and maybe another field to show the menu type (i.e. “breakfast”, “dinner”, etc. if you want multiple menus per day). Add a formula field called {Status} using a formula like: IF({Date Field} < TODAY(), "Old", IF({Date Field} > TODAY(), "Future", "Current")).

Make a [Menu Items] table where each record is an item which can be ordered.

Make a [Schedule] table where each record links to a {Menu Item} and a {Meal}, with another record for {Max Count} to store how many of that item can be ordered. Add a lookup field called {Meal Status} pointing at the [Meals] table’s {Status} field. Make a filtered view called “Available” where {Meal Status} = “Current”.

Make a [Orders] table where each record is a user’s order for a particular menu item from a particular meal/menu. Add a field linking to the [Scheduler] field which only allows selections from the “Available” view (so people can only order from current menus). Add a checkbox field to mark when the order has been delivered.

Go back to the [Schedule] table and add a count field which counts how many linked {Order} records there are. Add a formula field called {Left Available} which subtracts the count of order records from the {Max Count} field. Adjust the “Available” view to also only include records where {Left Available} > 0.

That sounds like a great place to start with.

2 quick questions:

  • How do I manage different food courts and where do I manage the end users?
  • Is there a template I can use to jump start this? or someone that can help me create it in 1/10th of the time it will take me?

Thanks again!

Q1: Make a table for [Food Courts] and a table for [Users].

Q2: Check out the Template Gallery and the Airtable Universe for any examples which could get close to what you need. If you post this in “Hire a consultant” category someone will offer to build it for you. You do have a full set of instructions though so you might as well try to build it yourself, you’ll get a much better understanding of the advantages/limitations of the platform that way.