Form for requesting multiple different software licenses

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I am trying to figure out how to create this base without over complicating it. I have customers who need to request licenses for three different softwares. This needs to be in the same form. They need to specify length and quantity of those softwares.  In the from I'm also asking for basic customer information. 

I've currently set it up so the customer picks the software from a linked table, with conditioning then asking for 'Length' and 'Quantity' for each selected software.


My problem is, that in my base, I'd like separate records for each software picked by the customer, but I'd like it to happen in one form submission, so the customer doesn't have to do it more than once:  

Customer 1: Software A

Customer 1: Software C

Customer 2: Software B

Customer 2: Software C


Is there an automation I can run for this? Or just a smarter way of setting it up?

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11 - Venus


I think fixing software in fields would make calculations, etc. more difficult.

How about setting up a field like this?

No. 1 Software" is a single-select Link Record field
No. 1 Period Length" field
No. 1 Quantity" field
Increase the No. by the number of software choices

The form would be cleaner if the next selection field is conditioned to appear only if the previous No. of software is selected.

If possible, it is better not to record customer information and multiple software in one record, and to keep this table for forms and use automation to post them separately in a customer information table and a one-software-one-record table.


The quick and lazy way to do it would be to just have one automation per piece of software I reckon.  They'd activate on form submission, and they'd have a conditional for their respective software

1. Automation for Software A triggers when form is submitted
2. Conditional check to see if Software A was selected
3. If it was, create a record for Software A in the table of your choice
4. If not, do nothing

And we'd just create the exact same automation for Software B and C