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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Form question:

I’m trying to create a “Donation Report” form for a volunteer to complete when they’ve received a gift or pledge from someone for a charity. The donor is almost always going to have an existing record in the “Prospects” table; gifts are entered into the “Donations” table, which is where this form resides.

Form view

The “Donor - linked” allows the volunteer to lookup people, but it shows only the unique Member ID - not names. Is there a way I can let the volunteer choose the donor from a list of names, instead?

I don’t want the volunteer to enter a first and last name for donors because it would duplicate information that lives on their record in the Prospects table.

Confusing, but … any thoughts?

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That field is showing you values from the “primary field” in your linked table.

So, you would just need to change your primary field to something else — perhaps a formula field that is a concatenation of “Member ID” and “person’s name”.