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Free tier - want 'only creators can edit'

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I'm looking to set up a community 'borrow my stuff' library where members of my local community can add items that other people can borrow. Airtable looks promising but I can't see any way of editing permissions for records.

Ideally I want 'only the creator can edit this record' permissions. I recall that Salesforce CRM had this feature..

Is this doable on the free tier? 

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If the question you’re asking is “can I make it so that no one can edit my base but me (and 4 of my closest friends)” the answer is yes.

If you’re asking about the difference between Creators and Editors in Airtable, that answer is here:

You can easily create forms for people to add books, but they won't be able to then edit them.  There are workarounds to this using automations.