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6 - Interface Innovator

Good Morning Community!

I feel that somewhere in the Airtable world there is a solution to this problem, but I cannot for the life of me find it.

I need to be able to enter a new client, and have a set of recurring tasks (things we have to do with each client) automatically generate in what I’m assuming will be separate linked table.

For example:

I enter Joe Smith as a new record.

Airtable automatically (through formulas, linked records, linked tables, etc.) creates a record for Joe Smith - Schedule Installation, Joe Smith - Create Template, Joe Smith - Print Template, etc.

I really need to be able to at least CHECK OFF each of these items separately, if not actually schedule them (more advanced I know).

Does anyone understand at least what I’m trying to do?

ANY help is much appreciated.

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Hi @Mandy_Hutchison,

You can do that with either a script or a Zapier, depending on which you are more comfortable with.


I’m not familiar with scripts…what is a script?

A script is using the Script Block and writing a code. If you are not familiar with scripts Then maybe try