Generic Employee Table Combined with Specific Types of Employees

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

First time poster here and beginner in AirTable!

I am trying to create a generic Employee table. This table would have all the generic info about an Employee (i.e. Name, Address, Phone, etc). I am then trying to create other tables that would contain specific type of info for the Employee type that they are. An example of this would be a Driver table. A Driver is an Employee but I want to have more specific data about them like Type (i.e. OTR, Regional, etc.), Truck Assigned To, etc. I created an Employee table and then a Driver table in the Driver table I linked back to the Employee table and brought in all the redundant data. I then added in the additional columns that I needed, that are specific to a Driver on the end of the table. The problem is I want to create a form that makes it very easy to someone to create a Driver without having to create an Employee and a Driver. I hope this makes sense! 

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