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4 - Data Explorer

I need assistance in setting up a workflow for a non-profit organization where we help people with food, clothing, rent, utilities etc. I'll do my best to explain my needs. I've watched every video I can find and read all kinds of articles, but I've yet to figure out how to make this work. I would appreciate any help....Thank you.

I have a database with all of our clients, addresses, emails, and other demographics.

I need a database that will help with all the services we provide for our clients.

I need this database to update as new records occur.

I also need this database to be able to tell me if a client has reached their limit on available services.

               Some of these services are only allowed every 6 months, some are allowed every two weeks, some are conditional situations. I need to be able to see what a client has received over the past 6 months. These records need to be able to update as the clients come in for services.

Backpacks & sleeping bags-clients may only receive one every 6 months

Clothing items-one of each item every two weeks

Pass—I need to keep a record of how many a client has received before giving anymore.

Charity- I need to know $amount given on which date.



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Hmm, I think if I were you I'd set up a new "Clients" table where each record was a single person.  After that, I'd set up the "Sleeping Bags" table so that each record represented a single sleeping bag given to one person (that is to say, linked to one record in the "Clients" table) as well as the date that it was given to them. 

With this, I can create a rollup field with "MAX(values)" to display the most recent date that I gave each person a sleeping bag.  From there, I can create a formula field to help me check whether it's been 6 months so that I can easily make decisions as to whether I should give each person a new one

The same logic will work with the clothing items, and should also work with the charity side, except instead of using "MAX(values)" we'd use "SUM(values)" instead

Thank you for your response. It sounds like that may work; however, I am not sure I know how to create the rollup or the formula to check whether it's bee 6 months. Sorry, I'm really just a beginner trying to learn all the ins and outs of Airtable. Is there a tutorial that you would recommend? thanks.


Ah, I'm afraid not, sorry.  I've set up what I talked about here for you to check out though!  Once you duplicate the base you'll be able to view all the formulas and such too