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4 - Data Explorer

Hello Airtable community. Newbie here. I recently come across the Airtable app on android and I am hooked.
I am a beekeeper and I want to track progress of my bees using Airtable. I have multiple bee houses with multiple beehives in them. I think that Airtable will be great for that but it has some quirks that I hope I will be able to solve.
I will have multiple bases. One for each beehouse. And there will be approximately 60 tables in each base. One table per hive. Because I can’t share views between tables I will create a view in the first table and then I will duplicate this table 59 times.

I have a few quirks to solve. The biggest is. Is it possible to have filters for bases? For instance. If one or more hives have some problems to solve it will be easy to set the filter to the whole base instead of search for each problem in the table individually.

It will be awesome if I can export the whole base at once. Can it be done?

Have anyone had problems with my issues?

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Thank you all. I learned a lot. My table will have columns in no particular order.

Date with time, location (single select), hive number (single select) and notes (multiple options). I will probably merge the location and hive number. There is no reason for two columns. And notes with multiple options are there because there is a lot less typing this way and all entries are the same for easy analysis.
The main filter will be. Filter all entries and display entries with my town 1 (location and hive number) and sort them in ascending order. So I will have a general idea of what happened with a particular hive in the past. Before the next inspection.
I abandon the idea of using a barcode. Merging location and hive number is easier and less fuzz.

The only problem now is that Airtable doesn’t work without an internet connection. In some remote location in our country, there is only EDGE mobile network and this painfully slow. The normal mobile network is 4G.
Is there a way that to use an Airtable without a mobile network so that data is stored locally and in the cloud? In this case, the mobile network will be only used for syncing data. And not for running the app.

Unfortunately, Airtable cannot be used without an internet connection.

It has not yet been implemented due to the numerous difficulties involved.