Hiding Blank Cells in Expanded Record view

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4 - Data Explorer

I am trying to create a system for project managers at our firm to request a new project.
I’m thrilled about the new conditional fields in form view as it allows me to only show fields if the requester has selected certain parameters.

It works like this: Project Manager fills out the airtable form. One question is multi-select and asks what services we are including to the client. PM selects all services we are providing for that project and because I’ve got conditional fields set up, it only asks additional questions about the services selected.

That part works great - however, when our accounting team goes to look at the records submitted through the form, there’s A LOT of blank cells because the project managers are only filling out questions for the services they selected, not every possible service.

I’m looking for a way to hide blank cells when a record is expanded from grid view, OR from one of the other views if necessary.

Any ideas?

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Welcome to the community, @Jeff_Bennett! :slightly_smiling_face:

Just create a new view for your accounting team to look at, and hide the fields from that view that you don’t want them to be overwhelmed by.

Thanks for the quick reply! Unfortunately that won’t work because it’s cells I need to hide, not entire fields. One project may have a service selected, while the next won’t. If create a view with entire fields hidden, i’ll be missing information about some records.

Ah, okay, then you’ll probably want to use Stacker for that functionality.

I think they let you do “conditional” field hiding. Check with them.