Holiday Calculator for Employees with individual hours per day

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4 - Data Explorer

I have the following initial situation

The opening hours of my business are defined from Monday to Saturday and vary in length. Furthermore, more than 10 people work in my company, with whom I have to cover the opening hours. This means that each employee has different working hours per weekday. These working hours differ from employee to employee. So the absences of my employees are not calculated in days but in hours.

Employee 1: Monday 8 hours, Tuesday off, Wednesday 8.5 hours, etc.
Employee 2: Monday 9 hours, Tuesday 7.5 hours, Wednesday off, etc.

What I would like to achieve now:

  • By means of a form, an employee should be able to request “absences”. He should enter in one or more datepickers the dates on which he would like to be free. Once the form is submitted, a new “vacation entry” should appear in Airtable, which, based on the example above, displays the correct number of hours for the employee for the day in question, and this is then deducted from a predefined balance (100 hours).

Is this feasible? If so how?

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Hi there. Yes, I don’t see any problem with that and there are a few ways of how do make this possible. You could create a form, in which employees are selecting the date and times. This is then populating a “requested dates” table. They would also select themselves in that form, so that they are automatically linked to a separate table in which you can then do the calculation (100 - rolled up requested hours).

Does that make sense?