How to connect different language versions fields in one?

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7 - App Architect


I have three different fields which are three different language versions. But the records are the same (the only difference is language). I have this because I have to include these fields in three different language Forms (because it's multiple select type). But I want to connect all these records - I only want to translate them.

Is there a better way to do this? I'm new to Air Table 🙂

Thanks a lot!

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect


It sounds like you need three different editable fields because you use a different field in different versions of the form. 

This, I expect that any given record would have a value for only one of those three fields. (Versus having all three fields filled out, as in your screen capture.)

I suggest leaving those three fields as is, and then having a formula field that consolidates the info into one field, so you only have to look at one field when working with the record. 

Another option is to put the choices in a different table and use a linked record field instead of a multiple-select field. I the linked table, there would be three records for each choices, with a single-select stating the language. Then use filtered views in the form to show only the linked records in the desired language.

I don't know if I understand you correctly.. here are my tables for the last option you advised (just for the test) - I made two of them, but I'm not sure either of them is correct.

The problem is that I'm creating Form in another Table, where it seems that I can't choose different (filtered) view of these tables in a Form. Because in that other Table which is linked to these two there is only visible primary field of the Tables.

I tried formula for concatenate values, this is okay but I don't know if it's working for me.. I don't know if I want to use all three language versions in a Form for a customer.

I was hoping that I can have these language versions separated (but also joined at the back - when I click on "reticle" I want to know the other two language versions) if you know what I mean.