How to design the Airtable for an RFP use case

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4 - Data Explorer

I would like to ask how to best setup the airtable base for the following use case:

Our business is an evaluation platform, where the client weights the importance of about 100 questions/features, and about 10 vendors would submit their answers based on how their product covers the questions/features.

We could therefore have as a result the clients target profiling, and the various vendors available profiling.

Each answer would be weighted to points, which then can be scored.

I am wondering if those 100 questions should be fields of a same record, or rather 100 seperate records… basically horizontal vs. Vertical design.

The important point is that the client and vendors would need to have a form to submit their answers.

Best case, we could have 80% of the vendor’s input pre-filled from previous RFP answers, so their input process would be optimized.

I intend to have a user interface and portal by Stacker, and the forms by typeform.

Anyone have some thought on the fundamental design of the data structure?

Many thanks

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