How to easy move a field around (if you have 100's of fields and every view has a different field order)

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In one of my tables I have 400+ fields (columns) with many different views configurations. Adding new field anywhere in the current view will not automatically show up in the same order in other views (sometimes it even shows as hidden) and mostly will be added at the end as the last field in the other views. You can copy the field order from one view to another, but sometimes it doesn’t work because the views are so different and each view may have a different field order (means in order to bring a new field to front, I will need to copy another view field order and overwrite a particular view).

So the only way to get new fields around is by moving them either through the table or using the Hide Field drop down menu.

I just want to share another way I found. If there are 100’s of fields in a table and I several new fields to move to different locations in different views do this:

Create a copy of your specific view…

Then do Hide all fields and Show only:

  • the fields you want to move
  • the field “before the location” where you need to move your new fields
  • the field “after the location” where you need to move your new fields

Now exit the Hidden fields menu and go back to the table. You should only see there the selected fields. Drag the new fields (you want to move) and move them in between the “before” and “after the location” field where you need them.

Now you can unhide all fields to see the new fields are where they should be.

Now go to your original view and copy the configuration Field Order only. Now your new fields are where you need them.

If your views use same field order, this may not apply to you, not a big deal, but my views have all different order. I find doing this saves me tons of time if I need to move around a lot of newly created fields. It takes forever to do that by dragging through the whole hidden menu list and even more time in the table.

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