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How to give user permission only to tabs within a base?

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Hello everybody,

From my understanding, Airtable offers permissions for workshop users and base users.

Is there a way to give permissions only to a tab within a base?


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Hi @Itai_El_al,

Welcome to Airtable Community!

There is no option to grant access to tables (tabs) only. You can share a view of a table though but they will not be able to edit.


I wanted to have one base to act as a to do list, while every table represent an employee, without them being able to view one another’s table.

What is the best practice to do so?

i believe the best (and only solution) would be the following: (however, they wont be able to cross off any items they have completed)

  1. In each Table (tab) click the Share View, send this link to each individual separately

  2. If you need them to add items in the list, create Forms view in each table and share it with the respective employee

Does that help?

  1. when you say “this link”, which link do you refer to?

Check this help article, specifically the View Share part

Thank you very much Mohamed!