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I am designing a receipt submission base where people can submit their receipts as an attachment while filling out the form. I’ve got it setup to email me whenever the form is submitted. The challenge I have is that the email that is generated includes all of the form information except the attachment. Is there anyway to get the email to include the attachment so I don’t need to log in, download the receipt, etc.? I would love to be able to forward that email, with attached receipt and all, directly to my accounting software.


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Hi @Nathan_Renner-Johnso,

If you right-click on a record, you can choose “Send Record” and it will embed small thumbnails of your attachments within the email. (Note that this only works with attachments that are embedded within an “Attachment” field, not attachments that are embedded in a “Lookup” field.)

However, I don’t know of any way to automate this process of choosing “Send Record”. As far as I know, the “Send Record” functionality must be manually triggered every time.

The SendGrid email block doesn’t support embedding attachments, either — it just embeds the URL of the attachments.

So, as far as I can tell, it seems like your best bet to automate this process would be to use Integromat. Integromat can easily handle sending you an email after a form is submitted in Airtable — along with the attached attachment as well.

(My guess is that Zapier can do this as well, but in general, Integromat is more powerful, more customizable, and less expensive than Zapier.)

p.s. If you’ve never used Integromat before, it can be a little bit daunting the first time you set everything up. If you have a budget for this project and you’d like to hire an Airtable/Integromat expert to help you with this, feel free to send me a private message. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! I can get airtable to auto-send the record as an email when a form is submitted (which is what I want) but that record doesn’t include the attachment :cry:

Right, I understood what your problem is. That’s why I offered the alternative solutions above.

Also, you may want to post your situation in the #show-and-tell:product-suggestions category, and suggest it as a feature request for Airtable.

Your suggestion would be that form submissions that include attachments should also be able to (optionally) include those attachments in the automated emails that get sent out.

I think that’s a great feature request!