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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello, I am new, and new to using airtable.

I have a problem with syntax in a simple formula that is vexing me. All the field names are correct

Donor Capacity = (Estimated Capacity  * 0.5) + (Annual Fund Likelihood * 0.2) + (Major Gift Likelihood * 0.2) + (Philanthropy * 0.1)


Thank you!



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Put the names of all of your fields in curly braces {}. Curly braces are required for field names with spaces and other special characters. Technically curly braces are not required for single word field names, but it is good practice to include them anyway. I also like a multi-line format for this type of formula.

Is {Donor Capacity} the name of your formula field? If so, you also need to leave that out, as well as the equal sign.

  {Estimated Capacity}  * 0.5,
  {Annual Fund Likelihood} * 0.2,
  {Major Gift Likelihood} * 0.2,
  {Philanthropy} * 0.1

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi, and thank you very much. I must be a doofus, since I don't understand why it comes back with "formula fields should be configured in the field menu dropdown"

I'm missing something.


Screen shot?