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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I currently work in an office setting where we have supplies in multiple locations throughout the building. I have built an excel database to manage it all and I have been trying to figure out if it’s something that I could do in Airtable instead.

I watched various tutorials, how to’s, and looked through what information I could find and unfortunately none of seems to help me.

I have 12 different locations in which various supplies are stored. People within the office have access to those locations and can take supplies to use whenever they need to. What I have to do once a week is go through and count what is at each location, and also add or remove items to the locations to redistribute the supplies as needed. What I need to have an ability to add the weekly counts of each item at each location, so that it updates a master list on-hand total which can be flagged so that when it reaches a certain amount the office manager knows to reorder it.

Sometimes what is at each location changes, and having it in a database with a master list of all the possible supplies so I simply click and say this is also at this location now would fantastic, currently I have to update multiple formulas and linked fields across many worksheets to make this happen.

To give an example, some locations are:
Printer Station 1, Workroom, Kitchen Closet, Kitchen - Large

Item examples are:
8.5x11 paper, notebooks, red pens, sharpies, paper plates, compostable forks, coffee creamer, post-it notes

Would would make it really great is if I could have an ordering page of some kind that could have a history as well.

I really need that master list page, because my office manager doesn’t really get along with technology and needs something simple to be able to look at and make the orders. Having the history ability would help me, but would also help when creating the supplies budget for the next quarter/next year.

Any advice, suggestions, or assistance would really appreciated!

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