Is it possible to set something up for a rotating schedule

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

My team has a task that is shared by all employees in the team. We set up a rotating schedule so that we know who has responsibility for the task on any given day. Is it possible to set something like this up in Airtable?

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Yes what you can do is assign the task using the formula field & autonumber.

So first, create an auto number field, then use the following formula (this assumes 3 collaborators):

SWITCH(MOD(Autonumber,3),0,"collaborator 1",1,"collaborator 2",2,"collaborator 3")

If you want to use the collaborator field, match the names of the collaborators correctly and you can copy paste this field in the collaborator field to assign correctly.

Welcome to the community, Apryl!

What you want is possible, but a little more information can help with the details.

Do you want something like a chore chart?

How does your schedule rotate?

Do you want a calendar view that lists the employee for each day? How far do you want the calendar to stretch out?

Do you want to store historic information, such as the result of the task? Or are you only concerned about the current week/month and don’t need historic or future data?

Does the task already exist in a base? Are there multiple tasks?