Jira integration and preserving parent/child tickets

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4 - Data Explorer


I'm new to Airtable and using it to connect a number of various data sources, add additional data, and create custom views.  I know how to create linked/lookup fields for data I've created in Airtable, but I'm trying to figure out (essentially) how to do that dynamically from an integration.  In particular:

* I have a Jira project (PROJ) with parent tickets (e.g., epics) and child tickets (e.g., stories).  The tickets have different types within Jira.

* In Jira, the child has the Parent Link field so they are clearly connected.

* I made a table in Airtable for the parent and have it synced to Jira.  The ticket ID is the primary field.

* I made a table in Airtable for the children and have it synced to Jira.  Ticket ID is again the primary field.

* Parent Ticket ID is a field in the child table, and it shows data like PROJ-1234.

I would like to automatically connect that with the parent table so that I can add other lookup fields (e.g., Description) to the child table.  Right now, I manually made a linked field to the right of the Parent Ticket ID synced field and just find the matching ticket and then added lookup values for things like the description.

This screenshot shows the actual child table setup where "Jira Parent" is coming in via sync on the child data, the "Group Objectives" field is a linked field I setup for the parent table, and "Summary" is a lookup field on the parent table.


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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Ah, problem solved.  Turns out you can convert the field to be a linked field.  The warning it gives means it will stop pulling the configuration from Jira, but the sync will continue/values will change.