Line graph with many data points (time based)

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I’m trying to replicate this chart Block from this example here


I don’t understand how this stock example was made, do they have a table containing all the stock data at different times? What would that table look like? I understand they would have a table for all the listings, but how would those listings all be linked to hundreds of price data points at different times?

Does anyone have an example of this?

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The table for that example looks like this:

Date    Ticker    Price
Jan 1    MSFT     $50.00
Jan 1    AMZN     $40.00
Jan 1    IBM      $20.00
Jan 1    AAPL     $55.00
Jan 2    MSFT     $51.00
Jan 2    AMZN     $38.00
Jan 2    IBM      $20.50
Jan 2    AAPL     $55.00