Link up monthly sales table to a summary for analysis

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi experts,

i am new to airtable but i found airtable is an awesome tools!!

i am a sales supervisor and try to use airtable as database for record and analysis.
I have a base with several table, each table has a monthly sales record.

We have several brands which selling in different retailers, so i pull the sales invoice into airtable by row recording which brands, item sold to which retailers.

the key field as below

Year, Month, Date, Brand, Retailers, Item Name, QTY sold, QTY amount.

So i can easily figure out that month performance on sales

However, i just getting trouble to build a summary table, or how to setup and link the sales of each monthly table. So i can campare the monthly sales…


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Are you saying you have 12 tables, one for each month of the year? If that’s the case I would highly, highly recommend consolidating that down to 1 table since you already have a field to delineate the month of the sales record anyway.

In your Sales table would have a Link to another record-type field connecting to your Summary field and set up an Automation to copy the value of {Month} field to the Link field. In your Summary table you could use rollup fields to add up the {Qty Amount} field.