Linking multiple fields to one table and linking the fields correctly

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4 - Data Explorer


I have 2 Tables. One Opportunity and one Product table.
In the opportunity table I have 3 products (linked to the product table) and 3 prices and each price is for one product (Product 1, Price Product 1, Product 2, Price Product 2 etc.).
As the products in the opportunity table are all linked to the product table for the fields (Product 1, Product 2 , Product) you can select a product from the product table (Apple, Banana, Strawberry etc.)
In the Product table there are multiple fields, among them are Revenue Product 1, Revenue Product 2 and Revenue Product 3. Now for every product (e.g. Apple) it is supposed to show each revenue from Product 1, Product 2 and Product 3 and they should be assigned to the right Product Name. This is my problem as this is not the case.

To have an example. In the opportunity table the fields are these
Opportunity: Opportunity 1
Product 1: Apple
Price Product 1: $5
Product 2: Banana
Price Product 2: $3
Product 3: Strawberry
Price Product 3: $1

In the Product table it is supposed to look like this (horizontal view)

Product Name; Revenue Product 1; Revenue Product 2; Revenue Product 3
Apple; $5; 0; 0
Banana; 0; $3; 0
Strawberry: 0 ; 0 ; $1

The Revenue Product 1/2/3 are rolloups from the price product 1/2/3 fields from the opportunity table with sum(values)

Now, what it actually looks like right now is
Apple; $5; $3; $1
Banana; 0; 0; 0
Strawberry: 0 ; 0 ; 0

Thus, as you can see the values are correct, it is only that Airtable does not assign the values to the right products.

Do you have idea what I need to change to go from the second example to the first one?

Thank you for reading until here already.

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