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Linking Multiple Records via Form or API

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I’m developing a relatively simple app using the API, and I’m stuck on one thing - passing back the value of one field (Link to Another Record) when it contains more than one item.

So here’s the use case. I have a list of items, all of which have one or more tags. Via the API, I’m adding to that list of items and adding tags to the item.

If I pass back a single tag, it’s no problem. If I pass back a list of tags, only the first tag ends up in Airtable. If I pass back the list of tags as text, it shows up as a new single tag.

Is there a syntax that I can use to format the contents of that field that will result in two linked items in the Tag field?

Is this confusing? It feels confusing.



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Aaaaaand… the answer is commas. Commas.