Logging & Calculating Time worked on Projects

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi there,

I was hoping to get some guidance on time logging with my bases.

In short:
We use Airtable to track projects end to end. I have multiple tables set up that are all linked and cover the project, tasks (each project will have a unique set of tasks which we create a record each for), capacity, priority etc.

I have set it up in a way that allows us to attribute any month to a task to which it will be worked on, the est hours we will spend, and the amount of hours we have spent. (All linked through multiple tables).

It is a patchy set up and has multiple issues when a task is being worked on over more than 1 month.

The time tracker plug in is not suitable as we will often retrospectively update a project/task with hours we have worked on it for that day/week etc.

Is there any insights you can give or template bases which are set up for this kind of project tracking?

Many thanks in advance.
Best regards

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