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I’ve been using airtable for about 6 months for my company. I see the power of it and am excited about getting more of my team on it so that it can truly become our operating system. I’d love to find someone who I could meet with periodically, show what I’m trying to accomplish, and then get recommendations on the best way to structure bases and get the most out of airtable.

Does anyone have experience using a “coach” or would anyone in the Airtable universe be interested in acting as a coach?

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Welcome to the community, @Drew_Brisley!

I’m an expert Airtable consultant, and it sounds like my business is specifically setup to help you with your needs.

I work on a prepaid retainer basis of 10 hours, and your hours never expire, so you can use your hours as slowly or as quickly as you like. And you can use your hours for anything that you’d like (training, development, consulting, etc.).

If you’d like to discuss more, feel free to contact me through my Airtable consultant website:

Hi @Drew_Brisley! There are a bunch of consultants on the forums who’d be happy to do coaching stuff I reckon (myself included)

You might want to do a post in the Hire a Consultant section as I think you’ll probably get more replies there

Here’s my website, and if you think we’d be a good fit I do free half hour calls as well

Best of luck with everything!