Maximum size of the formula - length limit?

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Anybody has tested the limits of Airtable?
I have a formula with 27,000 characters (no spaces) and still works fine. It has 1700 brackets.

There was earlier discussion about limit but it seems it is inconclusive.

Yes, I know this is not the right way to do it, but I am running out of fields in Airtable and cramming everything in one field saved me about 10 fields or so. I don’t have a lot of data or transactions so I don’t mind it’s a bit slower.
And I don’t know how to use scripts unless I get convinced to learn a new skill.

Wondering if there are limits after which I shouldn’t go e.g. chance of breaking things.

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Airtable has not published a limit on formula length, and the few instances where people have run up against a limit, the formulas are very long.

If you are capable of writing and maintaining formulas that reach the limits of a formula field, you are capable of learning scripting. In fact, you will probably find scripting very empowering.

You should also consider examine your base schema. If you regularly have multiple tables with over 500 fields, there may be better ways to organize your data.

does it related to your ‘keyword percent’ task?
it may be solved in a more ‘vertical way’ with link, lookup, and simple formula accessing left field text as parameter, without need to create multiple formula fields to break text.

Yes, that is accurate. Thank you for follow up. I haven’t thought about it. You are right. That would have been a more viable solution. I will keep that in mind.

For now I am able to run the analysis on 6 keywords (or key phrases) divided by commas. That is sufficient. Maybe I would have gone for 10-12 keywords, but t is already done. It was a head spinner to go through that long formula.