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4 - Data Explorer

Hi There,

I am responsible for reporting the number of open projects per month that my team works on and breaks it down into four project categories. I am trying to build a Base that does the following:

  1. Master Table that lists all projects and assigns each project a category
  2. A form that feeds into a table that each employee records daily projects worked on as multiselect linked record
  3. An automated way to count the number of projects that were touched in any given month by both total project and breaks out into the four project categories above.

I have built point 1 + 2 without issue, but I am having trouble with point 3. Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi Colin,

risking that I haven’t completely understood what you’re in need for:

My first guess would be that you want to use the count field with a condition. That condition would be a month. In order to get the month, you need to apply the Month() formula on a date field (otherwise with the given Airtable filters currently, you would need a start and an end date). You then apply the count condition (like a CountIF in Excel then) to match only those in a particular month. You could use another condition on the count field for the categories.

Hope that helps!