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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello - I'm trying to create a table with my KPIs that combines 'campaigns' and 'clients' into a monthly view that sums up the total of all the campaign KPIs for that month separated by clients.

I've recorded a Loom that hopefully gives the needed context:

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Hmm, try this:
1. In your 'Campaigns', try creating a formula field that outputs the text '[CLIENT NAME] - [MONTH YEAR]', so e.g.
'Efficient Growth Consulting - November 2023'
2. Click the field header of this new formula field so that the entire column is selected then hit CMD / CTRL + C
3. Click the field header of the linked field to your "Monthly Campaigns" and then hit CMD / CTRL + V

This should create one record per record month combination in your 'Monthly Campaigns' table

After that, you can create rollup fields in the 'Monthly Campaigns' table to sum up the calls and prospects, and create a formula field to display the prospects / calls value

And the new table would be used in your Interface, filtered to show the records of the selected client

To automate it, you'd just need an automation that triggers whenever a record in 'Campaign' is linked to a customer, has a month year value and has an empty linked field to 'Monthly Campaigns', and its action would be to paste the value from the field you created in step 1 into the linked field to 'Monthly Campaigns'

Should do what you need I think!

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

@TheTimeSavingCo This worked perfectly, massively appreciate the insight.