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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello Airtablians,

Have you ever thought about an elegant solution to manage a multilingual interface?

Currently, I have created a ticket management solution via the Interface Designer, but soon users speaking another language will use it. If the interface will be cloned and translated, how to manage the text of the status for example?

Thanks for your help ❤️

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

The following text was copied from the original article (in German) and translated to English.
Multilingual Usage
In order to make sure that the content of our website is accessible to everyone, we have developed a multilingual version of our website.
This means that you can now access our website in any language you want!
If you encounter any problems while using our website, please contact us at We would be happy to help you.
Best regards,
Cannabis Frei Kaufen Team